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The response letter from the NHS

The response letter should include:

  • an explanation of how the complaint has been investigated
  • responses to each of the points you have raised
  • apologies and information about what’s being done as a result of your complaint (where appropriate)

What to do if you are unhappy with the response

 If you are unhappy with the response you have the right to go back to the organisation dealing with your complaint and ask them to carry on trying to resolve your complaint.  You can do this by:

  • Writing another letter explaining what you think has not been covered or is incorrect 
  • Calling the person handling your complaint and explaining why you are still unhappy 
  • Requesting a meeting to discuss your outstanding concerns

Further investigation into your complaint may then be carried out.  The NHS organisation should discuss this with you and agree a plan for doing this, including timescales.

If the organisation gets to a point where they believe everything has been done to answer your complaint they will advise you of that in writing.  This is the end of local resolution.

They will also advise you that if you are still unhappy then you can make an application to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) (see ‘PHSO’).

For more information please see our full NHS self advocacy pack.