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NHS Complaints Advocacy

Our NHS Complaints Advocacy supports York residents who want to make a formal complaint about the treatment or care that they or a friend or family member have received from an NHS service. 

You can use our NHS Complaints Information Pack to help you make a complaint or, if you need more support at any point in the complaints process, you can make a referral to our NHS Complaints Advocacy Service by calling us on 01904 414357 or by completing the referral below.

How an NHS Complaints Advocate can help you:

Our NHS Complaints Advocates are independent professionals who are trained to support you through the NHS Complaints Process. They are on your side and don’t work for the hospital or the NHS.   An Advocate can help you:

  • understand how the NHS complaints process works
  • work out what you want to complain about and the outcome you’re looking for
  • write your own complaint letter and send it to the right people
  • understand the response you get and what to do next
  • support you at complaint meetings

Your Advocate will support you to do as much as you can for yourself.

Your Advocate cannot make a complaint on your behalf or give you legal or medical advice.