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Our Services

General advocacy

General Advocacy

Our general advocacy service helps you understand your rights and have a voice around issues such as benefits, housing, accessing mental health services and a wide range other issues.

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NHS advocacy

NHS Advocacy

The NHS advocates help you to make a complaint around an NHS service you have received that you are not happy with. They can walk you through the process, and where needed can make this complaint on your behalf.

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IMHA advocacy

Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA)

IMHA’s help you understand your rights if you are sectioned under the mental health act. They can help you appeal your section, get Section 17 leave, ensure you understand your rights while you are sectioned and attend meetings with you or on your behalf.

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Care Act 2014

Care Act Advocacy

Care Act advocates support people to have their rights upheld and a voice around their social care processes such as care assessments, care and support planning and safeguarding

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Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA)

An IMCA is there for people who lack capacity under the mental capacity act. For example someone with dementia, or a learning disability. An IMCA helps make sure the mental capacity act laws are followed and that professionals are working in someone’s best interest around specific decisions such as serious medical treatment, changes of accommodation and safeguarding.

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Relevant Person's Representatives

Relevant Person’s Representatives are appointed under Deprivation of Liberty legislation to ensure people in care homes who may be deprived of their liberty have a right to challenge this, and are receiving care that is the least restrictive needed.

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