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Local Resolution Meetings

Some people find talking face-to-face helpful when trying to resolve a complaint.  Under the Complaints Regulations you have the right to ask for a meeting.  This is called a Local Resolution Meeting (LRM).  LRMs can provide an opportunity to talk about what has happened to you, ask questions and get answers from the NHS staff involved in your complaint.

You can ask for a meeting at any time during local resolution.  In some cases you may be invited to attend an LRM when your complaint is first received.  You don’t have to attend a meeting if you don’t want to.

The meeting is usually held at the NHS organisation in which the complaint is about.  Sometimes staff that you have complained about may be at the meeting. You can request that certain staff do not attend, you can also request that certain members of staff do attend.  You can take someone along for support (e.g. a family member or an Advocate).

Preparing for a meeting

 It can help to draft a list of your question/issues and use this as the agenda for the meeting.  This will keep the meeting focused on the things that are important to you.

You can draft an agenda by looking at any answers or explanations you may already have, and identifying the issues that you remain unhappy with.

If you feel unable to produce a list of specific points or questions, you could simply list any topics you wish to discuss or themes, as well as any specific incidents, or episodes of care.

What happens during a meeting?

At the start of the meeting the people there will introduce themselves.   The points in your agenda should then be discussed and your questions answered.  Everything talked about should be recorded in some way (e.g. by someone taking notes or making an audio recording).

Don’t forget to ask for a break if you need one.  You can also ask for clarification of anything that is unclear or not answered.   At the end of the meeting you should be informed of any actions that have been agreed and what will happen after the meeting.

For more information please see our full NHS self advocacy pack.