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Spot Purchase

Spot purchase for statutory advocacy

If you are a local authority outside of the City of York who would like to commission our services we are able to make this available to you on a spot purchase basis.

This might be for the Relevant Person's Representative's role - supporting people under a deprivation of liberty in a care home, or for a Care Act case where you are responsible for someone living in the City of York who needs a care act advocate.  It might also be to help someone receive some general advocacy assistance. These are not commissioned under our contract and have to be purchased seperately.

Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy and Independent Mental Health Advocacy are delivered at the location where the person is, so regardless of local authority if someone is in a care home, hospital or mental health unit in York and requires an IMCA or IMHA this will be provided, free of charge.

Commission us to give our views

We are also available on a spot purchase basis to input more significant time and resource on issues such as consultations, service change and reforms. If this poses a significant commitment, or is for services not within the York area we are unable to deliver this under our contract. However you are able to commission us to undertake this work under a spot purchase arrangement. Recent examples of where we've undertaking this are for some patient experience work and inputting into segregation reviews.

Arranging a spot purchase

To arrange a spot purchase with us, you need to complete a spot purchase form, which you can get from our office by contacting us.

Before we can start work we will need a signed and completed spot purchase form returned, and a PO number so that we can invoice you.