Writing a Complaint Letter

Provide your details and the details of the organisation you are complaining about:

  • Your full name, address and telephone number
  • Name and contact details of the healthcare provider you wish to complain about


Explain what has happened to you.

  • Write down the events in date order, with as many facts as you can (dates, places and staff names)
  • Try to keep your description brief without leaving out any important details. Ideally, your letter should be no longer than 2 pages


Clearly, state the issues you are complaining about:

  • List exactly the issues you want investigating saying why you are unhappy with what happened
  • Try to write in a calm manner and wherever possible avoid using aggressive language or making personal attacks

State the outcome you are hoping for:


           Outcomes you can get:


·        An apology


·        An explanation


·        Promises that lessons have been learnt and things will change so what happened won’t happen in the future


               Outcomes you can’t get:


·        Compensation


·        NHS staff disciplined, sacked or prosecuted


·        You can ask for treatment, however, if this is the main reason for your complaint, there are other options that may be better


See BEFORE YOU MAKE AN NHS COMPLAINTfor more details on possible complaint outcomes


Complaint Letter Template


Your address and telephone number



Complaints Team (or other e.g. NHS ENGLAND)

Name and address of the organisation


Dear Complaints Team (or other)

I am writing to complain about the treatment I have received from (include names of staff, place where you received treatment)

·         Story.  Describe clearly what happened, when and where.

·         Issues.  List the areas you would like to be investigated using bullet points.  Explain why you are unhappy, be clear and concise and ask any questions that you would like answered.

 ·         Outcomes.  Say how you would like your complaint resolved. For example; an apology, explanation or for procedures to change.

 ·         Meeting request.  If you decide it would be useful state that you would like a meeting to discuss your complaint.

I look forward to receiving your acknowledgement of this letter. I would like you to carry out a full investigation into my complaint and provide a response in accordance with the NHS Complaints Procedure.

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours Sincerely


Your Signature


Print your name




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